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Play to your Full Potential with the Best Football Equipment

If you want to teach your son or daughter to spin a football or just play a simple game of catch in the front yard, you'll need a high-quality ball to get started. Let Sears help you get into the game with a wide selection of footballs. Choosing a football can be a challenge, but we've broken it down to just two simple steps.

Just like soccer balls, footballs come in a few different sizes depending on your age and what level you're playing at. Pee Wee footballs, junior footballs, youth footballs and NFL size footballs are available to accommodate players of all ages and skill levels. The balls used in collegiate football are smaller and slightly more round than professional footballs to simplify catching and throwing. Sears has the football sizes for each level of player. Shop now for the best selection of football gear.

After you've decided on what size football to buy, consider whether or not you want leather or synthetic for your football. Leather footballs in general are more expensive, but are easy to grip and unless otherwise noted can be used during wet weather. Synthetic are less expensive, which is great if your football player is still growing, are often easier to grip than leather because of built in grippers and usually are more water resistant. Both leather and synthetic have great attributes; it really comes down to the league standard and personal preference when choosing between leather and synthetic footballs. Sears has the best football equipment and football apparel for every player in your life.

Sears also carries a variety of collegiate and professional mini fan footballs. These footballs are a great gift for the fan or player in your life. Play catch with your little one or use it as a decoration in your bedroom or on your mantle. When the season ends, you may have to put away your football pads and other equipment, but you can always show off your love for football with fan footballs.

Whether you play in an organized league or are a weekend warrior who plays for the love of the game, Sears has all of the football equipment you'll need. Make sure you or your child has the best protective gear, cleats and footballs to help them play the game safely and play the game well.