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Show off your Skills with a new Soccer Ball from Sears

Whether practicing free kicks in the backyard or leading your team to victory in a tournament game, a durable soccer ball can bring you one step closer to your athletic goals. Sears carries models in a variety of sizes to suit any athlete. Children can have fun dribbling a kid-sized ball in the park, while older players can experience a fast-paced game on the field with a match-play ball. Enjoy the challenge and the exhilaration of soccer with a variety of durable gear.

Practice soccer balls are a great choice for a training session with the team or solo. Features like butyl bladders and foam coverings create resilient gear that can withstand demanding endurance drills with ease. For home use, pick up a kit that includes a ball and handheld pump. Dedicated athletes can even install a field accessories to practice kicking the ball accurately to the back of the net.

When it's game day, put on protective soccer gear and get ready to show off your skills with the match play ball. These lightweight balls are easy to handle, delivering consistent and aerodynamic performance, and the bold graphics are easy to spot as the soccer ball arcs through the goal posts. Perform like a pro with quality soccer balls and other gear from Sears.