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Be Prepared with Reliable Boating Safety Equipment

Find the best safety gear for your boat and other water vessels so that you can spend time relaxing and not worrying about the what-ifs. Look for a variety of protective gear for you and your boat, from boat covers to life vests. Get ready for a safe, exciting excursion in the great outdoors with high-quality products from Sears.

It's important to be prepared for an emergency every time you take to the water. Basic safety equipment includes float rings, personal flotation devices and life vests in colors like neon yellow or orange. Sears has every size you need to make sure the guests on your boat are safe. An air horn or whistle is useful in crowded waters. If you're far from shore, a flashlight or strobe light will make you visible at night. For boating on the ocean or one of the Great Lakes, you might want to equip your craft with a rescue transponder or distress flag that will identify your position to rescue crews.

Bilge pumps are a must for any fishing boats, kayaks or other boats that don't have pumps already built in to them. Sears has a variety of manual and automatic bilge pumps to keep in your boat in case of a leak or buildup of water. Most bilge pumps go in the deepest part of your boat otherwise known as the bilge so that they protect any of the electrical or mechanical parts of your boat. Find the perfect just-in-case pump to put in your boat for an extra safety precaution while fishing or enjoying other water activities.

For the safest boating adventures, you need to have floatation devices while you're out on the water. When buying a personal floatation device, make sure you find one that fits you properly and is appropriate the body of water housing your boat. Find heavy duty jackets for the ocean and lighter ones for calm local waters. If your life jacket is too big, you won't float as well as you would float with one that fits you. As a boat owner it's your responsibility to make sure everyone has one, so stock up this season with a few different sizes and colors.

Like buying gun storage for your gun, you should take the proper safety precautions when you own a boat. Safety and first aid kits are a necessary accessory to have on your water vessel. Without adequate safety supplies, you could find yourself stranded or injured with no one around to help. We have the perfect precautionary accessories for your favorite water hobbies.