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Swim Caps Protect your Hair from Damage in the Pool

Swim caps are an essential part of any swimmer's gear. They protect your hair from harsh chemicals in the pool and help keep the pool filters from being clogged by hair. In addition to masks, goggles and scuba fins, you can find a great selection of swimming caps at Sears. These swim caps come in all the colors of the rainbow, so you can easily match a swim team's uniform. You can even find swim caps with embellishments such as a flower petal design or an American flag.

If you're looking for kids' swim caps, you'll find them at Sears in a number of different sizes. Made from soft rubber, these swim caps won't pull your kiddo's hair when he or she is putting them on or taking them off. Adults can purchase sizes ranging from small to extra-large swim caps. For beginning swimmers, pick up a kickboard or other training aids to turn a novice guppie into a steady swimmer.

From swimsuits and caps to goggles and fins, you can find everything you need to make a splash at Sears. Check out this great selection of swimming supplies and accessories before your family hits the pool.