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Scuba & Swimming

Go deep with underwater gear and scuba equipment

Sears has a variety of swimming accessories, including scuba equipment, in our sporting goods department. If you want to dive deep or just practice in your backyard pool, check out what we have to offer you today. Many people enjoy scuba diving and want to learn more about that sport. The first thing they learn is you must have the right equipment. We provide top-quality scuba equipment and clothing, so you cannot go wrong. We have dive suits made by Neosport, Speedo, Diving Unlimited and others. These are carefully made with superb materials that keep divers warm even in deep waters and cool in warm waters. Accessories like dive gloves, life jackets, snorkels and face masks are a must for enjoying this sport to the fullest. You can get full scuba dive suits, swim suits, wet suits and boots at Sears.

Remember to have enough life vests for everyone who goes with you out on the water. Kids can use them around pools also, just to be on the safe side. If you are water skiing, jet-ski riding or tubing, you still should wear life vests. We have them for all ages, including infants. We also have an assortment of ski vests that are flotation worthy. Many are sleek and will not interfere with your sporting activities, but they still give you excellent protection when you need it. Even expert swimmers should be wearing life vests when they are on the water. If you want fancy designs, we have many color choices along with camouflage, and Stearns has cartoon character vests the kids will love to wear.

When you take time to wear fitness safety apparel, you are doing the right thing. If you are near a water recreation area or lake, you should have water safety apparel, and use it when going out on the water to play or to fish. You and your family are safer when wearing a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket or vest. It is wise also to have a good first aid kit nearby for the occasional minor injuries that might occur around fish hooks, knives and other sporting gear. A rescue tube or pole can save a life in many situations, including the deep end of a crowded swimming pool. It is an affordable solution to a potentially tragic problem. Keep fitness safety apparel and gear ready, and use it to prevent accidents or drowning.

Sears has a wide variety of scuba equipment, life vests and other apparel needed for water sports and boating. You will enjoy seeing and probably be amazed by our selection of fitness safety gear and accessories for water sports. Stop in to our sporting goods department to check it all out or place your order online. We can deliver orders to you or you can come in to our store for pick-up service.