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Water Sports

Explore the beauty of nature with durable water sports equipment

Whether diving into the ocean or water skiing at the lake, quality water sports equipment makes any aquatic activity more enjoyable. Explore under the water's surface with sturdy scuba and swimming gear, or sail across a lake in boats and kayaks. Sears has aquatic equipment for a variety of activities, as well as apparel and safety gear for all ages.

After unpacking the tent on your next camping trip, sail across a crystal-clear lake on a sturdy boat. From sit-in kayaks to wooden canoes, these vessels provide a wonderful way to experience the wilderness. If you'd prefer a faster pace, hop onto a pair of water skis or a wakeboard to zoom across the water at thrilling speeds while being pulled behind a motor boat. The vibrant designs show off your personality as you race over the water's surface.

Scuba and swimming gear makes it easy to explore at your own pace. Dip under the water with a snorkel and facemask to experience an up-close look at ocean life, or float across the pool on a comfy inflatable while peering underwater for sunken toys.

Water sports equipment can also keep adventures safer and more comfortable. Goggles and masks protect the eyes from splashes, and dive suits protect the skin from cold. Sears also has a wide range of life vests and jackets to complement family swimwear. Grab a new set of water sports gear and discover brand-new sights.