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Repair and Adjust Common Bicycle Components with Bike Tools

Over time, bikes can break down, and maintaining them can be a lot of work without the proper equipment. Sears carries a wide variety of bike tools and accessories to ensure that your bicycle stays in working order for as long as possible. Whether you use your bicycle for the daily commute or take it out for joyrides, you're going to want the right bike tools to keep your wheels turning.

A full bike repair kit helps your easily perform common maintenance projects. A bicycle truing stand props up bicycle wheels for straightening spokes while a simple bike pump will ensure that you can keep your tires properly inflated. Once you've diagnosed any problems with your bike tools, you can repair or modify any bicycle with the right bike replacement parts.

A bike bag or pannier is another essential part of outfitting your ride. A pannier slings over the back wheel with the help of a bicycle rack, giving you space to store the supplies you need while on the go. Never be without your wrenches and tools to fix sudden problems on a long trip by carrying them in a durable bike bag. Carry a bike lock in your bag to keep your equipment safe when you're not using it. Always prepare for the trail ahead with a bike bag and bike tools from Sears.