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Enjoy the Thrill of Off-road Racing with a new Mini Bike from Sears

If you're looking for a rush of adrenaline but aren't willing to commit to a full-size motorcycle, a mini bike is a great alternative. These cool bikes are surprisingly powerful and many look just like their real life, road legal counterparts. Whether you're a motorsports fanatic who can't get enough racing or you crave the thrilling highs and lows of riding a real motocross course, you'll be amazed at how well a new dirt bike from Sears can perform in nearly any conditions.

While most pocket bikes are designed with kids in mind, that doesn't mean that adventurous moms and dads can't get in on the action. These bad boys can reach speeds of up to 14 miles per hour and feature powerful chain driven motors. Strap on your bike safety gear, adjust the handlebars to a comfortable height , squeeze the twist-grip throttle and get ready to roll with a new miniature dirt bike.

You may not be able to take mini bikes out on the road, but you and your family will have a blast riding them around the backyard, a designated riding space or an exciting race track you built on your property. Get your blood pumping with new go karts and mini bikes from Sears.