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Zip around on an Electric Scooter or Bike from Sears

Electric scooters are an adventurous way to make outings with family and friends fun. They offer the rush and excitement of riding downhill even when the road is flat. Going uphill is no longer a strenuous or even impossible task. Since they don't use gas, many electric scooters and bikes run quietly, making rides into peaceful experiences.

Some electric bikes, such as mini-bikes, are designed for leisurely outings on designated trails or terrain. Rugged models make it possible to travel farther than regular bicycles do because you're not depending entirely on personal strength. Imagine getting to the end of a trail and seeing a view few others have seen. If your goal is to ride long distances or cover rough terrain, try adding a bike seat cover for an even more comfortable adventure.

Kids can enjoy greater freedoms as they get older with electric bikes and scooters. Before they get their drivers' licenses, bikes and scooters give them a way to easily get around town and to meet up with friends. Be sure to keep them safe with helmets and other protective gear before they head out for a ride. Whether it's for tough terrain or simple journeys around the neighborhood, Sears carries a large selection of electric scooters and bikes for children and adults to enjoy the outdoors.