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Customize your Board with Skateboard Parts

Without skateboard parts, your deck is just a piece of wood. The wheels, nuts and bolts, trucks and other parts that attach to your deck, make it into a functional skateboard. Whether you prefer leisurely longboarding down the boardwalk or grinding rails at the skate park, Sears has all the accessories you need to get the most out of your skateboard.

One essential piece of equipment for your skateboard deck is the truck; it's a metal part that attaches to the bottom of your deck, which is the connector piece to your wheels. There are different components to the truck, like the base plate, kingpin, hangar and axles, that all can be loosened and tightened to your own personal specifications. Some skaters like tight trucks so that it's easier for them to go higher in the air and hit tricks, others like it loose for easy turning and riding. Whatever your style is, Sears has a broad selection of trucks to choose from, so that you can build your dream skateboard.

Having to choose wheels is just as much based on your personal preference as it is when choosing trucks. When it comes to wheels, skateboard companies measure their hardness by using the term durometer and their width by measuring diameter. For skaters who love to longboard, you're going to want to choose a wheel that is soft, can withstand small cracks and pebbles on the pavement and have a high level of grip. Park riders who love to use skateboarding ramps and perform tricks will want thin, hard wheels with as little grip as possible so you can slide across rails. The right wheel is out there, you just have to decide what fit your style best.

For riders who dream of winning first place in the X-games and love to perform tricks, there are accessories out there to help them practice. Sears has grip tape and spray which might help a skater's shoes grip the board better. Easily apply the grip tape like a sticker to the top of your board. Other ways to apply the sandpaper-like material are through a spray can. Skateboard helmets and other protective gear should be worn while performing tricks as well as casual riding on the pavement. Accessories enhance your skateboarding experience so you can become a better rider.

Finding the right skateboarding parts and accessories for your board should be based off a combination of personal preference and riding style. Sears has a huge selection to choose from so that you can tailor your board to your specifications.