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Lace up a new Pair of Hockey Skates from Sears

Hockey skates are an essential piece of equipment for ice hockey. Before young players get into leagues or start on a community team, it may be wise for parents to rent skates during hockey lessons. Once a child commits to the sport and shows a true love for the game, parents should invest a pair of skates for their kid. Becoming comfortable in your own pair of hokey skates is an important part of becoming comfortable on the ice. Sears has women's, men's and youth sizes available in our selection of hockey skates.

To become a hockey player, you must have a durable pair of hockey skates. Sears has a wide variety of skates in all sizes for all genders and ages. Simply choose your favorite brand, lace up your skates and you're ready to go. Skates aren't the only piece of equipment necessary for the game, you still need a hockey stick as well to get into the real heart of the game. Once you're on the ice in your new skates, break them in with a few hockey stops. Getting used to a new pair can be tough but when you do, you'll be glad you invested in a pair of your own.

The simple differences between men's and women's skates are that in size and width. Women tend to have smaller and thinner feet which manufactures accommodate with specific design changes like a shorter boot. Ice skates for figure skating won't work for hockey because of the unique blade and stiff nature of the boot women's skates still need to be looser on the ankle so that they can skate faster. Kids' skates are fitted more like women's with the shorter boot and smaller sizes. Finding the perfect skate and everything that goes along with it is easy when you shop at Sears.

Laces and guards are a necessary accessory for your skate just like hockey pucks are necessary for the sport. Hockey skates need to be pulled tight, so they wear out quickly with every day use. Sears has laces in a variety of cool colors for you to match your jersey. Guards are another important accessory for your skates. Walking around in your skates without guards on can chip or dull your blade. So make sure you choose accessories that protect the longevity of your investments and help you become a better player.

Find the perfect skate for you to glide along the rink and score on your opponents. Sears has a huge selection for you to choose from so finding that ideal boot is quick and easy.