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Load up your Gear in a new Ice Hockey Bag

It's important to keep all your hockey gear stowed away in one place so that you don't lose anything. You wouldn't want to show up at the game without a vital piece of equipment, so keep it all together in an ice hockey bag. Sears has a ton of great ice hockey bags meant to keep all of your equipment in one place. We've even got bags spacious enough for goalies and all their specific gear like masks and leg pads. Keep all of your hockey gear in one place and great condition so your investments last longer.

Hockey bags fit all your gear like hockey skates and keep it in one place. Storing all your gear in the same bag makes it extremely easy to grab it and go. Sears knows that hockey moms and their players have busy lives. Going from tournament to tournament means that staying organized is a vital part of what keeps your life manageable. Just throw it over your shoulder and everything you need is in one place so you can focus on the game and not worry about remembering everything.

If you don't want to carry your bag on your shoulder, then consider a rolling tower bag. Tower bags are great if you have a bad shoulder or don't want to wear out your body by carrying a heavy bag before the game. These bags often come with a place to hold your hockey sticks. They even have a ton of great zipper pockets so that you can keep your wallet and cell phone without losing it. Sears has rolling tower bags in a ton of great colors, so you're sure to find your favorite color or your team colors to show a bit of spirit. Find everything you need to keep your hockey gear easily accessible.

Just as ice skating equipment has specific carrying cases for skates and dresses, goalies also need different bags for their equipment. Goalies have a ton of padding and gear to keep them protected from high speed pucks. With that extra gear comes the need for extra storage. Sears has carrying cases for goalie masks and goalie leg pads that way all your gear is neatly stowed and ready for you when you want to hit the ice.

Ice hockey bags are ideal for hockey players' needs. Sears has hockey bags for every player no matter the position. Store everything you need in one place for easy access and storage for your gear.