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Face off Against Opponents or Compete with Friends using a new Ice Hockey Goal

Before securing your victory in the rink, set up a pair of ice hockey goals and let the game begin. Each goal is crafted from strong materials that can handle flying pucks and swinging hockey sticks with ease. Ice hockey nets from Sears feature PVC or steel construction and are specially designed to withstand wear and tear on the ice.

PVC goals are lightweight options with simple assembly. Simply match the pre-cut tubing with the self-tapping screws to construct the goal in minutes. Though the net is easy to carry, it's also incredibly strong. The high-impact material stays resilient, even when facing a barreling hockey puck. Inside the goal, the flexible polyester net catches every shot for easy retrieval.

Steel-framed ice hockey goals offer even greater stability, thanks to the heavyweight design. These rugged pieces are welded together for incredible durability that stays strong through slap shots and body checks. Slip the nylon sleeve attachment over the frame to connect the pre-fit net and get ready for a great match. Many models even arrive pre-assembled, so you can dedicate less time to set up and more time to the game. Enjoy some friendly competition in the rink with new ice hockey nets from Sears.