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Handle, Pass and Score with a new Ice Hockey Stick from Sears

A quality ice hockey stick can help you more deftly maneuver a hockey puck around the rink. These durable pieces of equipment are designed with wooden shafts and high-impact blades for withstanding especially demanding plays, whether you're passing to a teammate or lining up a game-winning shot. Play more confidently with a new hockey stick from Sears in your ice hockey bag.

Choose a hockey stick that suits your unique playing style. Smaller sticks can accommodate both shorter players who want to eliminate any unnecessary material and taller players who prefer quick maneuvers to long strides. Lightweight materials like dense poplar and rigid polymers won't weigh you down while speeding towards the net. Vented blades cut the overall weight even further for more freedom on the ice.

Longer hockey sticks are well-suited for taller players, as well as defensemen. The extra length makes it easier for players to stretch out and stop a puck in its tracks. Ice hockey sticks are also available in both right- and left-handed styles, so players can unleash their full power with every swing. From ice hockey sticks, masks and apparel to roller hockey gear and more, Sears has the hockey equipment you need to succeed in the rink.