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Find the Perfect Fit for your Ski Boots from Sears

Shopping for ski boots doesn't have to take hours; simply consider a few factors, find your size, and you're ready to hit the slopes. Sears has a variety of sizes to fit everyone in your family. The experience level of your family members is definitely something to think about when buying boots. With this in mind, it makes it easy to sort through our selection and find the perfect ski boots for everyone.

While gender may not be the first thought on your mind when buying ski boots, it's important to narrow down your selection significantly. Just like with skiing protective gear, men's apparel tends to be bigger and wider than women's. Also, men tend to have a longer lower leg and wider foot than women. If a man wore a women's snow boot, even if it was the same foot size, the boot could be tight and could lack calf support. Alternatively, women have a shorter and wider calf and narrower foot than men. Boots accommodate physiological differences between genders, so it's definitely a factor to consider when purchasing boots.

Once you decide for whom you're buying ski boots, it's time to decide what the intended use will be. Downhill boots tend to cover all the basic skiing skills and are great for beginners and experts. These boots may be good for adults that are still learning how to ski. Side country boots are for adventurous skiers who love to explore off the beaten path. Freestyle boots are relaxed and offer support for jumps and tricks. Racing boots are for aggressive downhill skiers and come in a narrow fit. Finally, alpine touring boots are built for climbing as well as descending. Once you decide who in your family needs what type of boot make sure their ski bindings support the boot properly.

The flexibility of the boot determines how easy they bend. The flex rating of a boot runs between 30 and 130, with the higher numbers being the stiffest. Sears has a range of boots with different flexibility to accommodate any skier. Beginners tend to enjoy softer boots because they're less responsive and easier to maneuver. On the other hand, advanced skiers prefer stiffer boots so that they can control their movements and ski aggressively. Find the perfect number for you and combine it with other factors for the perfect snow recreation experience.

Picking out the perfect ski boot doesn't have to be a challenge. Shop for all of your family's skiing needs at Sears. We have a huge selection of ski boots to choose from so that everyone can grab their skis and hit the slopes.