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Stay Warm on the Slopes with Snowboarding Accessories from Sears

Snowboarding accessories boast bold colors and fun fashion statements that contrast well against the snowy hills, but that's not all. Accessories enhance your time on the slopes. With the proper gear, you can spend more time doing what you love and not have to come back to the lodge early to warm up or dry off. Sears has all the accessories you need to make the most out of your time on the slopes.

The first thing you do before you lace up your boots and slip into your bindings is dress in snowboard apparel. Similar to skateboarding, all you need is comfortable gear and a skateboard helmet. Without the proper snowboarding gear, you have to put on layers that restrict your body movements while you're on the hills. This is particularly frustrating if you love to do tricks and don't want to be held down by heavy garments. Sears has a huge selection of lightweight, waterproof apparel. Get gloves, hats, snowboard pants for men and women and more.

The best way to transport your accessories to and from the ski resort is with a snowboarding or skiing bag. Find snowboard carrying cases and backpacks that carry your gear on the inside, while allowing you to carry your board on the outside of your backpack. Sears has gear that carries all your stuff so that you don't have to worry about packing multiple bags. Accessories make your time on the snow easier by letting you focus on the sport and not lugging multiple bags around the lodge.

Backpacks help you carry your gear from the car to the lodge, but if you want to leave room in the car for other passengers and their snowboarding and skiing protective gear, buy a rack to carry your snowboard. These easily attach to the roof of your car and allow you to stow your equipment safely while you drive on the highway. For storing your gear at home, make sure you hang your board nicely on a snowboard rack. You've invested a lot into your gear so take care of it in between rides and on the off season. If left on the floor or leaned on a wall it can be damaged by uncontrollable elements like floods or by getting knocked over.

Accessories help you take care of your gear and help make riding down the hill a smooth experience. Find the best snowboarding accessories when you shop at Sears. From your home to the ski lodge and everywhere in between, we've got the gear you need.