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Race through the Fresh Powder on a Brand-new Snowboard

Hop onto a brand-new snowboard and get ready to experience the fast-paced thrills of this exciting winter sport. Whether practicing advanced techniques or just learning the basics, Sears has options available to suit athletes of any skill level. Explore a wide variety of stylish boards for men, women and kids to find the design that's right for your next outdoor adventure.

Snowboards are designed to slide smoothly across the snow. Similar in construction to skis, the slick surface of the board glides over fresh powder with minimal resistance. Athletes can explore boards of different lengths, materials and colors to find the best fit for their riding style. Beginners may prefer an all-mountain board for extra stability while learning the basics, while advanced snowboarders may prefer the flexibility of a freestyle board.

Little ones can enjoy new winter adventures on their very own snowboards. If junior is ready to advance from the sled, try a youth-sized board with pre-mounted bindings that secure quickly and easily. The colorful designs stand out against the white snow, and the sturdy construction keeps junior stable while exploring the bunny slopes. Enjoy an exhilarating journey through a winter wonderland on a new snowboard from Sears.