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Winter Sports

Stay active all season long with winter sports equipment 

Spend more time outdoors this year with new winter sports equipment. From sleds and toboggans to snowboarding equipment, Sears has the snow sports equipment you need to make the most of wintry conditions. Kids and adults alike will have a blast cruising down the mountain on fast skis and gliding around the rink wearing stylish ice skates. Before relaxing in the hot tub at the end of a long day, get active with exciting new winter sports equipment.

Hit the trail and visit local lakes year-round with the right winter sports gear. Add snowshoes to your collection of hiking gear for walking easily over deep snow. The large decks help prevent your feet from sinking. Make a frozen lake into your own personal playground with ice skates and ice hockey equipment. After suiting up in the proper protective gear, skate around the perimeter in figure skates or set up a neighborhood hockey game with goals and a puck. 

Make winter magical for kids with decorative snow toys and sports equipment. Send them sliding down neighborhood hills in fast snow tubes, sleds and toboggans. Help them get an edge over the competition during a snowball fight with snowball makers and launchers. Make memories you’ll cherish for years to come with new winter sports equipment from Sears.