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Potpourri Fills your Home with Relaxing Scents

Create a fresh scent in every room of your home with potpourri from Sears. We have hundreds of potpourri air fresheners that eradicate bad odors and leave behind a fragrant scent. We have pumpkin and chestnut potpourri, which fills your home with the scents of woodland fruit and Sabulosum cones. Select from all-natural potpourri as an eco-friendly alternative to chemical room sprays. With natural potpourri, you can display it in a dish and place it anywhere in your room as an aromatic decor piece.

We have natural potpourri scents in spray form, and you can select from Febreze and Air Wick air fresheners that eliminate odors from the air. We also have refillable potpourri that works with electric air fresheners, which plug into the wall socket and release fragrance into the air over time. Select from lavender, vanilla and other popular scents from Glade and Air Wick, and combine your potpourri with scented candles as part of the decor. Whether you want scented candles or electric air potpourri, find what you need to create a delightful aroma in your home.

Since potpourri comes in hundreds of colors and scents, you can create a new smell and an attractive decor piece for each new season. As an example, welcome in the fall with scented orange and red potpourri leaves, cinnamon bark and cedar wood shavings. Introduce the scents of spring into your home with dried jasmine flowers, cloves and dried red roses. Fill a decorative bowl with potpourri and place it in the room as an attractive alternative to solid air fresheners. From mint leaves to juniper, we have potpourri in a variety of fragrances that delight your senses.

The smell of potpourri relaxes your mind and soothes your spirit when you feel stressed and tense. Consider adding a potpourri dish in your bathroom as you unwind in a hot bath. Fill it with relaxing scents such as lavender, ginger and sandalwood to ease your stress and calm your nerves. Invest in neck wraps, spa robes and massagers to ease the stress and tension even more. Place chamomile potpourri in your bedroom at night to help with stress-related insomnia. When you have tension or need to remove unwanted odors in the room, potpourri eases your stress and masks the smells.

Fill your home with the inviting scents of potpourri, and remove bad odors 24 hours a day with electric and solid air fresheners. Combine your potpourri with a spa robe and an eye mask to relax in a spa-like atmosphere in your own home. Find even more air fresheners and candles when you shop online at Sears.