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Eliminate problem indoor odors with air freshener sprays

Even the cleanest home can trap unwanted odors, but there is a solution at Sears. Use some of our high-quality air fresheners around your home to eliminate problem indoor odors. Replace those unpleasant smells with the gentle fragrances you prefer, like vanilla, lavender, floral or other light scents.

Eliminating unwanted odors is easy when you have scented air freshener sprays, potpourri, metered or automatic air freshener sprays and other air cleansing products to do the job for you. Sears carries a variety of top brands of sprays, solids, candles and potpourri products to use in the home or at work. High-quality fresheners like Febreze work hard to stop odors that originate from bacteria, mildew, fungi or other causes. New dry air fresheners from Dry Breeze are sprays that do not leave dampness behind, and you also can use them on items like clothing or curtains. Set out a bowl of fragrant potpourri or light up a scented candle to create an atmosphere of warmth and welcome in a room. Potpourri is an excellent alternative to conventional air freshener sprays, and it can fill a room with pleasant aromas of woodlands or a floral garden. Scented candles and potpourri gift sets also make delightful gifts.

Another way to keep your rooms smelling fresh and good is to set out gel or solid air fresheners. These help to mask or neutralize odors throughout the day, without any work on your part. Just open the container and these products are on the job. Some solid air fresheners are infused into small hang tags you can put in your car or use at home or in your office. These are very useful to use in areas like the baby changing station, bathrooms, trash cans or rooms where pets are kept. Another way to use gels and scented oils is in an electric air freshener that uses electrical heat to vaporize the scented products. Some of these also have small fans that disperse the aroma throughout a room. A few double as a night light, and all of these types of air fresheners can be refilled when a supply runs out.

Once you have cleared the air with air freshener sprays from Sears, and set out your fragrant potpourri to keep the room atmosphere inviting, it is time to look at solving your aches and pain problems with some heat therapy. We have a variety of solutions if you want to use heat therapy, including hot water bottles and heating pads. Anti-stress wraps, beauty masks and heat wraps can all be used to help treat pain. Some products are made to be warmed in your microwave prior to use. Heating pads from Conair and other companies deliver dry or moist heat to your problem areas to soothe away those aches and pains. Shield Life has infrared heated foot warmers and therapy pads you can find at Sears.

We have hundreds of solutions at Sears for making your home more comfortable, from air freshener sprays for quick air improvement to taking care of your inner aches and pains. Come see what we have to offer; take your order home or have us deliver your choices to your home or business.