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Create Fragrant Air at Home with Air Fresheners

Release your favorite scent into the air with home air fresheners from Sears. Choose your favorite scented candles, sprays and gels to remove stale air and odors from any room in the house. Spritz a scented spray around the room and enjoy a new feeling of ocean air, exotic garden flowers or holiday memories. Instantly, your room air will be transformed; some air fresheners can also provide disinfectant protection.

Spraying air fresheners around the room is another way to help create your home spa. One thing you will notice at a salon is that the air is different, pleasantly smelling of vanilla, lavender or other light scents, to promote an atmosphere that is relaxing. You can do the same at home; Sears has many types of freshener products, so you are sure to find one that you prefer. Along with your fragrant air, use some actual spa appliances. These are very affordable at Sears, and many professional spa owners shop here for their pedicure and foot bath devices, heat and light therapy products and other spa appliances for that reason. Start with soothing eye pillows or a hand massager and work to relax all body areas. We have mats, paraffin wax baths, hair and skin brushes and even full size spa tubs at Sears.

Start up your home spa in a hurry by getting one or more of our spa gift sets for yourself. These make great gifts, but you also can get many products you need in one beautiful bundle at Sears. Gift sets are attractively displayed in useful baskets or gift boxes ready for presentation. Many contain basic spa items like soaps, lotions, brushes and scented candles or air fresheners. Some also include edible treats and sparkling grape juice, for romantic spa experiences. Other gift sets focus on the body, with soaps, towels and robes or hot and cold packs to help relieve muscle aches. We have thoughtful spa gift sets for everyone you could think of, all affordably priced for every budget.

Complete your spa room by including some of the best heat therapy products you would find at a salon spa. Heat therapy is used to help people get some relief from body aches and back pain. We have wraps, paraffin baths, hand and foot warmers and heating pads at Sears. Use hot water bottles to warm up quickly from chills. Anti-stress wraps, beauty masks and products you can warm in the microwave can be used to help get rid of minor aches and pains or relax muscle tightness. There is no need to suffer from such minor problems when affordable heat therapy products from Sears are available.

Find quick stress and pain relief products to use in your home spa room, from air fresheners to professional spa appliances. We have hundreds of spa products for use at home or in your business, including spa gift sets and bathing accessories everyone can enjoy, like luxurious towels, robes and slippers. Simply select your favorites from your local Sears store, or have us deliver everything to your location.