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Oils, Sprays and Shortenings Help you Out of Sticky Situations

When ingredients stick to a pan or a baking dish, major trouble usually ensues. Oils, sprays and shortenings keep that from happening. Sears carries a robust lineup of options from some of today's most trusted brands. You will find olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, safflower oil and generic vegetable oil in Sears' selection. A wide variety of cooking sprays and shortenings is also available. Quick, easy ordering and rock-bottom prices make Sears a great place to stock up on these essentials.

Olive oil is a must-have ingredient for any baker or chef. Different varieties and flavors bring different benefits to various dishes. At minimum, you should keep a jug of extra-virgin olive oil on hand at all times. Recipes from every conceivable category call for this healthy, flavorful oil. Top brands like Newman's Own offer olive oils that can be used to whip up tasty salad dressings.

In order to keep smoke at a minimum in the kitchen, it pays to stock up on peanut oil at Sears. Peanut oil is favored by those who fry regularly because it produces very little smoke at extreme temperatures. Elaborate stir fry dishes are easier to prepare with peanut oils from brands like Planters and Wesson. When the holidays arrive, peanut oil can be used to deep fry an entire turkey.

Thanks to its wide range of uses, everyday vegetable oil is useful in the kitchen. Sears carries large jugs of pure vegetable oil by Wesson, Crisco, Goya and other trusted brands. You will find vegetable oil in many popular recipes.

If greasiness or calories are concerns, cooking spray is a great alternative. While you can't substitute cooking spray for oils that are called for in recipes, you can use it to fry and saute ingredients in a more healthful way. Popular brands like Pam, Mazola and Watkins offer flavored options too. Flavors include butter, vegetable oil and olive oil.

Healthy shortening does exist, and Sears carries a wide selection of high-quality options. Palm oil shortening from brands like Spectrum Naturals can be substituted for butter to create healthier versions of classic dishes. Crisco vegetable shortening is also great to have on hand.

Avoid sticky messes in the kitchen and keep your dishes as flavorful as can be by shopping Sears' selection of sprays, oils and shortenings today.