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Find the Right Coffee Filter for your Perfect Cup of Coffee at Sears

The last thing you want in your morning cup of coffee is grounds floated around or at the bottom of your cup. Invest in some paper coffee filters that will ensure smooth, grain-free coffee. Coffee filters come in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, so make sure what you get is the right shape and size for your coffee maker. For example, if you have a 12-cup coffee maker that uses a basket shape filter, make sure you don't accidentally buy a 4-cup cone-shaped filter. Find all that you need to make that perfect cup of coffee every morning. With filters from Melitta, Medelco, Bunn and others, you know you're getting quality paper coffee filters at Sears.

Coffee filters are great for a variety of reasons. Not only do coffee filters make clean-up fast and easy, but they're versatile in their uses too. Not only can paper coffee filters be used to filter grains and flavor from your coffee grounds, but they're great alternative party tableware. Coffee filters are great if you run out of snack bowls for the little ones or need covers for bowls or plates to keep the bugs away. Or if you're stacking your nice china after a party, use coffee filters to protect from scratches as you layer.

Coffee filters are also perfect for crafting. Paper filters, that come in white or brown, are inexpensive craft supplies that can be used in a variety of project. Have you kids decorate them to make little place settings, or bunch them up and glue them to look like mini-poof balls as party decorations. Put potpourri inside a coffee filter and tie it with a bow. There are so many ways to use paper coffee filters around your home.

Although they might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think party decorations, coffee filters are for more than just filtering coffee grinds. Still though, whether you drink coffee in the morning or afternoon, find the filters you need to get a good cup of Joe. Stock up and save when you buy coffee filters in bulk. Shop Sears today and choose the coffee filters, coffee and other supplies required to fix your coffee anywhere. Choose from many styles of filters so no matter where and how you want to make your coffee, Sears has the right filters for you.