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Relax with a Hot Cup of Tea from Sears

After a long day at work, you want to be able to come home and relax. What better way to do that than with a cup of tea? Grab a cup of tea in your favorite aromatic flavors. Whether you enjoy tea made from tea plants, or tea made from fruit or herbal infusions, Sears has a variety of tea flavors. From earl grey tea from Twinings, jasmine green tea from Boston Tea, orange spice from The Tea Nation, spiced cinnamon chai from Lipton and more, Sears carries a wide variety of tea flavors and brands. Be sure to look for organic tea and organic tea leaves as well.

Drinking tea is beneficial to your health, providing you with plenty of antioxidants, which are vitamins and minerals that can help prevent cell damage from free radicals. Another beverage that is beneficial to you is fruit drinks. Fruit juice drinks are a great and delicious way to get those vitamins and minerals without peeling or slicing fruit. You'll find fruit drinks from Juicy Juice, Hansen's, Welch's, Ocean Spray, Lakewood Organic and more at Sears. Fruit juices come in cans, bottles or juice boxes so you can easily store and carry them with you wherever your day takes you.

Natural juice is made from 100% fruit juices. Enjoy individual fruit juice drinks like cranberry, apple, orange, white grape, pomegranate, prune; or fruit blend drinks like orange passion fruit, berry blends, fruit punch, or strawberry kiwi. You'll find a fruit-flavor blend you'll love at Sears. Natural juice is sweet since it's made from the natural juices and pulp of fruit. These sugars are much healthier for you than soda pop.

You can enjoy iced tea as an equally beneficial drink; however, if you want something simply cold and refreshing, grab bottled water from Sparkling ICE, Ice Age, FIJI, Glaceau, Crystal Geyser and more. Since our bodies are mostly made of water, we need to drink between one and seven liters of water to avoid dehydration. The specific amount of water you need to consume depends on a number of factors, but you should still keep yourself hydrated and drinking as much water and liquids throughout the day.

Grab some tea and juice from Sears and enjoy with your family. The nutrients and antioxidants in these drinks are beneficial to everyone young and old. Enjoy tea leaves and tea bags from Twinings, Boston Tea, Tea Nation and more from Sears today.