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Jura 71793 Filter Cartridge Claris/Clearyl Smart - 3 Filter

$79.02 18% in Savings

Jura 71793 Filter Cartridge Claris/Clearyl Smart - 3 Filter
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JURA Claris White 3-Pack Filter Cartridge

$56.40 10% in Savings

JURA Claris White 3-Pack Filter Cartridge
Sold by GrowKart
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Refresh Yourself With Your Favorite Beverages

It's always refreshing to have something tasty to drink. Choose from Sears' selection of beverages and beverage accessories to make sure you can have your favorite drinks when you want them.

Coffee is one of the world's most popular hot drinks. Stock up on Folger's coffee for a steady supply of java. Sears offers Folger's coffee in ground, premeasured packs or single serving forms. Flavors include classic, gourmet, Colombian and several others. Buy several varieties so you can choose the one that fits your mood.

One of the keys to good coffee is using a proper filter. Use Essential Home coffee filters, and you'll always have a fresh filter in your coffeemaker. These economical filters come in basket or cone versions to fit every type of drip coffeemaker. Various sizes are available so you can use the ones that fit perfectly. Using paper filters eliminates the need to clean a filter basket and helps to make sure you always have the best tasting cup of coffee possible.

When a cold drink is in order, try some Gatorade. The Gatorade line offers many choices to suit your tastes. Flavors range from lemon-lime to fruit punch. You can buy it in bottles or choose the powdered version for a long-lasting supply. A liquid concentrate version is also available for easy preparation. Like always, Gatorade drinks have the advantage of offering superior rehydration and electrolyte balancing when compared to alternatives like plain water.

Whether you like your drinks hot or cold, Sears offers options you're sure to love. Order online and they'll deliver your beverages and accessories right to your door.