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Buy bulk food for your backyard cookouts

You already know that buying bulk food saves quite a bit of money. If you love to entertain on the deck, patio or in the backyard, stocking up on bulk items ensures that you do not run out of barbecue sauce or mayonnaise right before a big shindig. Make a shopping list and highlight the items that you use the most during a year of barbecues and pool parties. You will find that these products have a long shelf life, store well in the pantry and are necessary items for virtually all of your cookouts or parties.

Of course, stocking up on bulk foods should not be just for the necessities. Remember favorite party snacks, treats and drinks. For example, lemonade drink mixes combine to make a welcome beverage during the hot summer days while hot chocolate mixes are essential when the mercury drops. Have enough of the mixes on hand for the large number of guests that you and your children are going to welcome this year. This is also the time to buy your paper goods and plastic cutlery in bulk.

Since you are stocking up for the year, do not neglect your outdoor bars. Most bars are large enough to hold a generous selection of spirits and soft drinks. This is particularly true for the bars that you install outside on a permanent basis. Portable outdoor bars add an island look and feel to your landscape. Many of them offer built-in shelves for glassware, mixers and a few bottles.

To properly entertain guests and family members, check out the many gas grills that Sears sells. Smaller versions feature one to two burners, which is sufficient for the occasional barbecue or intimate dinners with just one guest. If you are a serious outdoor cook who does not consider snow a deterrent to barbecuing hamburgers, invest in a five- to six-burner model. The added cooking heat ensures that even larger meals cook quickly and evenly. There are also gas grills with storage compartments and stainless steel frontage. Buy this type of grill if you consider the patio your kitchen and treat the indoor kitchen as little more than a food preparation area for cutting and chopping.

As a serious outdoor chef, you are sure to appreciate the effect that a stint in one of Sears' smokers has on a good cut of meat. Charcoal smokers give your meat the fire grill taste even when you cook it on a gas grill. Of course, electric or gas smokers work just as well. Be sure to buy your favorite wood chips in bulk for flavorful meat smoking all year long.

Sears carries a sizable assortment of bulk food products, outdoor bars, gas grills and smokers. When it is time to use your outdoor area for cooking and entertaining, buy your foods and supplies in bulk. Stock up today and invest in needed hardware upgrades tomorrow. Set up everything you need and start cooking and entertaining on your patio or deck by this weekend.