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Zap Germs with Disinfectant Spray from Sears

Disinfectant sprays are an essential part of a home's toilet cleaning supplies along with septic cleaners and abrasive cleaners. They also play an important role in cleaning in kitchens where bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms can contaminate food. However, many home maintenance experts also recommend using disinfectant sprays for cleaning other areas where dust collects. They are also useful for solid surface floors, such as those made of sheet laminate.

Dust is mostly biological material and as it decomposes, it offers a medium for a host of microbes that can have a particularly marked effect on room air quality. That is one reason that disinfecting after dusting is a good idea. At Sears, you can find a complete range of disinfectant sprays including well-known name brands like Lysol and Clorox. The EPA registers Lysol Disinfectant Spray to eliminate more than 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria and viruses on home surfaces. Among the microbes killed are the rhinoviruses that cause colds, influenza and salmonella, a bacterium that causes food poisoning. In order to use the spray effectively, you should allow the disinfectant to air-dry on hard surfaces for about 10 minutes before rinsing off. Lysol is also great for controlling mold and mildew that can degrade air quality within your home.

If you prefer a product with very low toxicity, PureGreen24 Antimicrobial Cleaner might be right for your purposes. The disinfectant uses colloidal silver and natural citric acid as its active ingredients. The EPA gives PureGreen24 a low toxicity rating of IV that makes its great for use around children and pets. The cleaner is noncorrosive, nonstaining and odorless. It still provides plenty of disinfectant power that allows it to kill a host of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including influenza rhinovirus and MSRA bacteria. The antimicrobial spray is a mainstay in hospitals and other health care facilities.

For very tough jobs, an industrial strength disinfectant may be in order. CIDEX OPA Disinfectant Solution is capable of eliminating even tough tuberculosis-causing bacteria in as little as 12 minutes. The solution works with caked organic matter that resists other types of cleaners. The product features a chemical disinfectant, ortho-phthalaldehyde, which works at room temperature and does not leave residues on surfaces. In addition to sprays, you can also choose disinfectant wipes and soaps for your cleaning chores. Essential Oil soap, or EO, is a safe, biodegradable, GMO-free cleaner that uses essential oils from plants as disinfecting agents. Peppermint and spearmint essential oil are combined with citric acid to provide germ-fighting capability and a pleasing fragrance. The soap is coconut oil-based and it will safely clean tiles, glass, aluminum, porcelain and many other surfaces.

Sears offers a wide range of other disinfectant products that use both natural and synthetic ingredients. If you prefer cleaners with low environmental impact, we have disinfectants that will fit the bill. Shop with us today and start zapping bugs with our disinfectant sprays.