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Remove Stains with Powerful Carpet Cleaner from Sears

Maintaining your furniture is a snap with Sears' extensive selection of upholstery cleaning supplies. Trying to clean carpet and upholstery without the right cleaner can leave your floors and furniture looking worse than when you started. That's why it's important special products that are fabric-safe. While a hardwood floor might need special solutions and steam mops, carpeted floors simply require a tough carpet cleaner to do the wipe out almost any stain.

Pets track in their fair share of dirt and will have the occasional accident in the house. You'll need to have solutions on hand that can both remove the stains as well as the odor. Choose from a large selection of carpet and upholstery cleaners made to erase Fido's mistake. Find a variety of sizes on hand so you can make sure you always have enough. You'll also find liquid or power-based solutions to clean everything from wine and grass stains to water marks and residue.

Whether you need a quick stain remover or plan on giving your floors a deep clean, Sears has the carpet cleaners you need for any task. Couches and other covered furniture will also need the right upholstery cleaners so you can remove dirt and odor without ruining the fabric. Shop for all your furniture and bathroom cleaners so your house is spotless and smelling fresh.