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Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Non-stick Aluminum Foil 40 Sq. Ft. 2-pack

$33.32 9% in Savings

Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Non-stick Aluminum Foil 40 Sq. Ft. 2-pack
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Reynolds Wrap, Aluminum Foil (Pack of 6)

$36.05 9% in Savings

Reynolds Wrap, Aluminum Foil (Pack of 6)
Sold by GrowKart
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Protect your food with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is one of those kitchen supplies that you can never have too much of. Whether you need to order bulk aluminum foil wrap or just a single package, you'll find a variety of convenient uses for aluminum foil, from cooking and storing food to arts and crafts.

When it comes to kitchen storage solutions, aluminum foil offers a variety of benefits. Wrapping vegetables and herbs in foil will help preserve them for longer periods of time. From celery and green onions to cilantro and avocado, the foil can keep your veggies fresher, longer. Foil is also great for wrapping cooked meats, as it can wrap tightly and hold all of the juices in with the meat, keeping it tender and juicy. Using foil instead of containers minimizes the space that is taken up in your fridge, as well.

When the weather is nice, why heat up your kitchen and dirty baking pans, when you can grill? Aluminum foil can make grilling a snap. If you open up your grill and discover that it has rusted, you can still cook all of your favorite foods by putting down a layer of foil over the rusted grates. If you want the classic grill marks, just cut slits in the foil where the grate slots are. You can also cook your favorite vegetables, potatoes and more by wrapping them in foil with seasoning and olive oil and putting them on the grill.

Of course, just because aluminum foil is made for kitchen storage and food prep doesn't mean that you can't use it for other projects. Foil wrap is perfect for kids' crafts, art projects, decorative accents and more. For kids' crafts, you can make toy swords, tiaras and other fun items out of shaped foil for your children. Combine foil with paper bags for mixed media crafts with the whole family .The possibilities are endless when it comes to art projects, whether you're wrapping cut out foil around candle jars for an illuminated lantern with a fun design or impressing the veins of an autumn leaf for an artistic accent. You can also paint on aluminum foil for a unique art piece. You'll be able to think of so many unique ideas that the fun with foil may never end.

The benefits of having a stock of aluminum foil in your house are numerous, whether you're using it to cook, store food or for fun DIY projects. You can find a great selection of bulk aluminum foil wrap when you shop at Sears. We've got everything you need for your home.