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Keep your Kitchen Organized with Food Storage Solutions

In your kitchen, there are few things more important than food storage. From fruits and vegetables to leftovers from dinner, storing food properly is a necessity. There are many benefits to having a vast selection of food storage containers and wraps. Ensuring your food is properly stored will keep it fresh longer, prevent strong odors from permeating other foods, and allow you to separate large packages of items into smaller serving sizes. There is a vast selection of products out there designed to fit all of your needs, whether you're looking for reusable storage solutions or disposable options. At Sears, you can find everything you need and more for storage.

Storing food in the right containers is incredibly important. When you're using canning equipment to preserve your own fruits and vegetables, it's even more true. Proper canning is required for healthy and delicious food; if it's done wrong, the food becomes inedible. With a great selection of canning jars and containers, you can be sure that all of your food items are safe to eat for many months.

Aluminum foil is a great multipurpose food storage option that can be used to either line pans or cover dishes. If you need to keep the food warm for a potluck meal, simply reverse the foil and place the dull side down to keep the heat in. Saran Wrap plastic cling wrap is similarly convenient, easily tightening around any size pan, plate, or dish. Use it in the refrigerator to keep food fresh or when traveling with a dish to keep insects out and food in.

Plastic bags from top brands like Ziploc and Glad can be used to break down bulk food bags or boxes into individual serving sizes, make brown bag lunches, marinate meat or even shake up a salad. Plastic baggies can also be used to freeze food items, from leftover to fresh produce. Food storage containers are also beneficial. These come in both disposable and reusable varieties and are handy for storing leftovers, cereal, flour and sugar, dry pasta, and other food items. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet all your food storage needs.

When you need to restock your kitchen with food storage supplies, head over to Sears for the best selection of containers, wraps and more. Whether you need plastic wrap, foil, plastic bags or reusable containers, you can find everything you need at Sears.