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A Sears Freezer for Ice Cream and Other Treats

With grocery costs rising, it only makes sense to stock up as much as you can. Chest freezers make food storage simple and safe. You hate to pass up a good deal on meat or family favorites, but your refrigerator/freezer combo lacks the space you need. Solve your storage and budgeting problems with a chest freezer in the perfect size for you. Compact freezers range from five to seven cubic feet, perfect for a smaller family or area. If your family includes multiple generations or just a large number of kids, bigger freezers hold plenty of frozen goods in 25 cubic feet of space. We don't forget about your family's safety; many of our units include security locks if you have young kids at home. Kenmore, Frigidaire and Whirlpool are some of the familiar brands you'll find. Not only can you save on grocery bills by stocking up on sale items, but you'll enjoy saving on your electric bill as well; Sears is proud to carry Energy Star compliant freezers that can save you up to 30 percent on energy costs.

You love cooking for your family, but between sports, recitals and other extracurricular activities, you'll take any shortcuts in the kitchen you can get. A frozen pie crust is a delicious solution that shaves time without cutting any of the taste. Whether it's apple, cherry or banana cream pie, your dessert will sit neatly in a crust that complements its flavor. Are you expecting last-minute dinner guests? No need to rush to the store when a frozen pie crust sits in the freezer. Simply add your pie ingredients and bake. Your guests will walk into your delicious-smelling home and no one needs to know how quick and easy dessert really was. We also carry supplies for other sweet treats, including silicone molds in a variety of shapes that allow you to bake perfect, no-stick desserts every time. Seasonal molds add festive touches to any event while paper bakeware, baking pans and cake molds help you create desserts that look as wonderful as they taste.

Having pizza at home is a fun way to bring the family together over a quick meal. Instead of calling for delivery, make and bake your own with supplies and accessories from Sears. Game night is great; add homemade pizza to it and your family will remember these times forever. With your own wood pizza peel, pizza cutter, aluminum pans and servers, you can cook an authentic pizza that rivals any restaurant's. Kids will enjoy rolling out the dough while you'll love the professional results that come from high-quality kitchen tools. Either purchase your own ingredients to make a meaty or vegetarian pie, or use our pizza kits that come with everything you need to make a delicious feast.

With all that we offer, you can buy and store frozen dinners and desserts year round. No matter how big or busy your family is, we're here to make your life easier by saving you money and time. Shop Sears for your kitchen and major appliance needs.