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Top off your Meals with Flavorful Ketchup from Sears

Ketchup adds so much more flavor to foods; in fact, it is one of the primary ingredients in some dishes. Before you cook that next meatloaf or fry up a plate of French fries for the family, check out the huge inventory of ketchup available at Sears.

Heinz ketchup is a popular choice for schools and restaurants, so bring this flavorful ketchup to your home. Select packets of Heinz ketchup to keep on-hand at home, or buy a couple plastic or glass bottles of ketchup to store in the pantry. Since ketchup has a long shelf life, you can store a separate bottle for months until its needed.

If you go through a lot of ketchup per month, then invest in larger containers of Bakers & Chefs fancy ketchup. While a 114 oz. container of fancy ketchup is useful for businesses, you can benefit from a large container at home. Bakers & Chefs ketchup is pump compatible and comes in a large, pourable jug with built-in grips located on each side.

For business use, buying in bulk is best for managing money and increasing profit margins. DDI Stokely's Squeeze ketchup is available in packs of 16, and each bottle contains ketchup that is made from high-quality tomatoes. Additionally, buying in bulk is a wise choice for the home especially if you have a large family.

Whether it's meatloaf, French fries or hamburgers, nothing tastes quite as good until you add ketchup. From Heinz to Bakers and Chefs, you have access to high-quality ketchup and other flavorful condiments. Shop Sears online or at the store for affordable ketchup in single bottle, packets and bulk sizes.