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Cooking the Perfect Meats with Marinades

Whether you are cooking out on the grill or simply preparing a meal for the family, you can find high quality marinades at Sears. You can choose from various blends of spices to find the flavor you are looking for. There are specialty blends that range from bold and spicy to something more mild.

Sears offers numerous Goya products for seasoning your meat to add flavor. You can try out Goya's sauces that come in different chipotle flavors to add variety to your meals. They offer authentic Spanish cuisine as well as Tex Mex blends. Goya designs its products to enhance many types of meat, so you can also experiment with multiple dishes.

For healthier, organic cooking, you can try out Bob's Red Mill products that Sears carries. Bob's Red Mill uses natural oats and grains to provide your daily nutritional needs while adding flavor to your recipes. Their products are great for breading chicken and mixing your own marinades for various meats. This company is proud of their recipes that contain no allergens and are healthier than traditional blends.

If you are looking for simple sauces and condiments, Sears carries an assortment of products from Woodstock Farms. They offer organic alternatives to ketchup, mustard and relish that taste great on hot dogs and burgers. Sears offers wholesale pricing for these products, which is beneficial if you own a restaurant or work in the food industry. Buying condiments from Woodstock Farms allows you to serve organic foods that taste delicious to your customers.

The sauces and marinades that Sears carries can enhance your meals for tasty, memorable experiences. You're sure to find spice blends and flavors that meet your personal tastes, so visit Sears before your next cookout to please all of your guests.