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Shop for Mustard and Other Condiments at Sears

If you need to add a little kick to your sandwiches or burgers, then mustard is the appropriate choice. At Sears, you have access to a wide range of flavors such as spicy, brown, traditional and honey mustard that pairs well with chicken, fish and burgers.

When combined with ketchup, Heinz mustard gives your burgers a boost of spicy flavor. Crowning Touch mustard is available in traditional, honey Dijon, spicy brown and horseradish flavors, all of which go well with chicken sandwiches or roast beef.

Mayonnaise is another useful condiment for sandwiches and culinary dishes such as potato salad. However, a bottle of mayo and Weber's mustard is necessary when preparing deviled eggs. Just a 1/3 cup of mayo and two teaspoons of Weber's mustard helps to create the best deviled eggs you've ever tasted.

For classic turkey sandwiches, add a little Grey Poupon mustard. Grey Poupon's Country Dijon mustard is available in glass jars as well as convenient packets. Each jar is filled with coarse ground mustard that adds spice and bold flavor to meat and fish. In fact, you can add spicy Dijon to hotdogs for an even better taste than traditional mustard offers.

A plentiful combination of condiments is necessary in any kitchen especially if you enjoy cooking and preparing home-cooked meals. From mayo and ketchup to Heinz and Grey Poupon mustard, you can find flavorful condiments that add zest and zing to sandwiches and hot dishes. Whether you shop online or the store, choose Sears for affordable mustard and other condiments, and fill your refrigerator with the flavors that the whole family can enjoy.