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Pasta Sauce for Quick, Flavorful Meals at Sears

Pasta sauce is a versatile staple for your pantry. You can make a quick meal with sauce, or you can use it to enhance flavor and tenderize tougher cuts of meat. Shop Sears' great selection of pasta sauces and all the ingredients you need to create a good meal.

Sears has brand name pasta sauces made by Del Monte, Chef's and DDI. You can choose pasta sauce flavored with meat or mushrooms, or you can stock up on traditional Italian sauce and add your own flavors later. Sears also carries pizza, barbeque and cocktail sauces.

It's easy to use canned sauce as a base to create your own flavor. You can add spices like basil, oregano and bay leaf to boost flavor. Cooked vegetables like onion or garlic and ground meat add texture and taste. Add canned tomatoes or tomato paste for even more flavor.

Pasta sauce tastes great with pasta. Shop Sears for elbows, spaghetti, lasagna and noodles. Sears has pasta made by Delallo, Annie's Homegrown, Goya and Vita Spelt. You can choose from traditional wheat, whole wheat and organic. Pasta is easy to cook, especially with the right tools. Browse Sears great selection of spaghetti pots and strainers to make cooking and serving your meal easy and safe.

No pasta meal is complete without good cheese and awesome bread. Sears has a variety of cheeses to bake in your meal or shake on the top. Kraft makes grated Parmesan that is easy to use and stores well in the refrigerator. You can also buy fresh Zerto cheese and grate as needed. You can add Italian bread and kaiser rolls baked by Milano Bakery, or you can bake your own bread with Shirley J bread mixes.

Keep pasta sauce in the pantry for delicious and easy meals. Shop Sears today for affordable pasta sauce and all the extras you need for a great, nutritious meal.