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Tasty and Quick Pasta makes Meals Easy

Pasta is a base for many delicious meals. With Sears' great selection, you'll never have to do without the exact type your dish needs.

Mariella pasta comes in every popular form. Whether you need simple spaghetti or something like penne rigate, Mariella has it in convenient bags. Pick up a pound to satisfy the average family's needs, or go for 10-lb sacks for high-volume cooking.

You don't have to give up pasta if you're sensitive to gluten. Deboles gluten-free pasta is made from rice and comes in all the most popular forms. Enjoy all of your favorite pasta dishes once again with this delicious alternative to traditional wheat-based pasta.

If you're looking for a quick and easy dish sure to delight your family, pick up an old standby: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. These dinner kits come with a packet of dried cheese along with the pasta, so you don't have to fuss with grating or melting cheese. It only takes a few minutes to boil up a macaroni and cheese dinner with this brand. If you want to enjoy the flavor of fresh mac & cheese at work or school, try microwaveable Kraft Easy Mac cups in lunch-sized packages. You can have a hot lunch anywhere there's a microwave, and it'll be ready fast enough for you to actually enjoy it before your lunch break is over.

With all of the pasta options offered by Sears, there's no need to do without. Just order online to have your supply delivered right to your door.