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Shop for a Variety of Great-Tasting Pickles and Relishes at Sears

Pickles and relishes are a low-calorie way to add zest and taste to dozens of popular dishes, including sandwiches, eggs and salads. Find your favorite groceries at Sears with pickles and relishes from brands like Heinz and Byler's Relish House.

Quality is important when choosing canned pickles for your lunch or dinner. Brands like Pampa have several varieties of well-preserved pickles, including hamburger chips, bread and butter pickles and kosher baby dills. Experiment with different types of pickles to find your favorites.

Other pickled vegetables and spices are also available. Pickled garlic from Byler's Relish House makes a great addition to pastas and salads and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Byler's Relish House also offers hot dilly beans and relish sauces to add an interesting touch to almost any dish or sandwich.

Relishes include standard sweet pickle relish from trusted brands like Heinz and Mark Lynn, available in ready-to-use packets that can be easily packed into your lunchbox or picnic basket. Deluxe relishes and tomato-based piccalilli relishes are also available from Weber's and other brands.

Pickles, relishes and other condiments might seem like an afterthought, but they can turn a simple sandwich or salad into a great-tasting lunch. Shop with Sears and find great deals on pickles, relishes and other groceries from your favorite brands.