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Shop For Hundreds Of Great Salad Dressings At Sears

No salad is complete without a fine salad dressing. Whether you're looking for an oil or vinegar-based dressing, Sears has great salad dressings from brands like Grocer's Garden and Newman's Own to satisfy everyone at your dinner table.

Some salads are best complemented by fine oils. Spectrum Naturals offers a variety of unrefined oils to add a subtle yet tasty touch to your favorite dishes. While standard oils like olive oil and sesame oil are available, specialty oils designed to work well as salad dressings make an exciting, classy addition to your kitchen table. Specialty oils include olive oils with hints of white truffle and oregano-infused oils from Pepper Mills.

Vinaigrette salad dressings are more noticeable and flavorful than oil-based dressings and are packed with delicious, bold flavor. Brands like Pepper Mills have vinaigrette dressings with a variety of flavors, including dressings with hints of pomegranate and other fine fruits.

Sears also has popular dressings like thousand island, ranch and poppy seed from well-known brands like Hellmann's and Newman's Own. Various sizes are available, so buy in bulk to save money or purchase individually-sized portions that can be easily packed in a work or school lunch.

Salad dressings can turn even the simplest salad into a work of art. Shop with Sears to find your favorite salad dressings at unbeatable prices.