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Pay Less for your Favorite Condensed Soups by Shopping at Sears

Condensed soups are a great source of nutrition and a delicious, inexpensive addition to your diet. Sears carries a variety of condensed soups from brands like Campbell's, Maruchan and Juanita to keep your kitchen well-stocked with your favorite canned soups and soup mixes.

Canned condensed soups contain heartier ingredients than dry soup mixes and are great quick meals at work or at home. Chilis, tomato soups, chicken noodle soups and other varieties from brands like Progresso can be heated and served in a few minutes. As the soups are condensed, each 11oz can will produce about 22oz or more of soup. Canned condensed soups are inexpensive, and cases of soups from brands like Campbell's provide an even better value per unit.

Dry soup mixes are just as easy to cook as canned soups and can be even easier to store. Some soup mixes include dehydrated pasta or ramen noodles for an easy-to-prepare meal. Noodle soup mixes from brands like Knorr and Maruchan flavor packets and only cost a few cents per package. They're exceptionally popular with college students and anyone who enjoys a great-tasting, inexpensive soup that can be prepared almost anywhere.

Save money on condensed soups and dry soup mixes while getting high-quality products from the brands that you trust. Shop at Sears and pay less for all of your favorite grocery items.