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Carton Food Items are Convenient and Economical

Shopping for groceries in carton quantities is easy and convenient. Once you had to join special cost saving clubs or shop at certain warehouse stores to find great bargains on cartons or cases of grocery items, but now you can buy those goods from Sears. Whether for large group meals or for storage and preparation one package at a time, case quantities of grocery items from Sears are a smart buy.

Pasta and pasta sauce from Sears makes great nutritional sense as well as financial sense. Hearty pasta and pasta sauce has been a part of a traditional family meal for generations. A pasta and pasta sauce combination is healthy and satisfying and is typically low in sodium. Non-egg pastas have no cholesterol. All pastas are excellent sources of folic acid folic acid and other nutrients, including B-vitamins and iron. The carbohydrates in pasta have a low glycemic index and provide a slow release of energy without sudden elevations in blood sugar levels. Dried pasta and unopened pasta sauces can be safely stored for years without spoilage, and that is another great reason to buy these products in large quantities.

Sears carries brands of pasta that you might not be able to find at your local grocery store. Davinci, Dececco, De Boles, Vita Spelt and Bionaturae are just some of the delicious pasta brands available in carton quantities. Muir Glen, Lucini Italia, Walnut Acres Organics and Cucina Antica sauces are available to turn these pastas into wonderful family meals.

Rice is a staple of dried food supplies, and Sears carries more than 100 different rice items. You will probably find more varieties of rice at Sears than you will at your local grocery store. Sears carries short-grain rice such as Arborio rice, medium grain rice, and long-grain rice such as Indian basmati and Thai jasmine rice. Most of these varieties are available as white rice or as brown rice. Brown rice is unrefined and retains the bran and germ that are removed from white rice.

The brands of rice available at Sears will probably be familiar to you. Unlike the pasta brands, the rice brands at Sears are also carried in most local grocery stores. Annie Chun, Near East, Taste of Thai, Quinoa and Uncle Ben rice varieties are available for purchase. Sears also stocks brands that you might not find elsewhere, such as Lotus Foods and Alter Eco. Many of these brands are available in organic alternatives.

Beans are another traditional family food item, and dried beans are a great grocery item to buy in larger quantities. Beans boost the nutritional content of every meal and can be part of a vegetarian diet or served as a side with any meat. Beans are high in fiber and help to lower the risk of heart disease. They are an excellent source of protein, are low in fat, are low in sodium, have no cholesterol, and dried beans can be kept in storage for decades. Along with wheat and rice grains, dried beans should be one of the main components of your dried food supplies.

The varieties of dried beans available from Sears are sure to meet your menu needs. Black beans, red beans, butter beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, fava beans, great northern beans and many other varieties can be found from both organic and conventionally grown supplies.