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Sauces and Marinades that Enhance any Meal

High-quality sauces and marinades make it quick and easy to enhance a wide range of dishes. Sears carries a huge selection of these essentials, which includes options from some of today's leading brands. You'll find a vast variety of ready-made salsas that are sure to zest up your next Mexican fiesta. There are also many different types of cheese sauce available. Sauces can be used to create an endless array of marinades that will make your culinary creations even more special.

Sears stocks many different cheese sauces, which can be used in a number of different ways. Simply pop open a jar and enjoy it cold with your favorite chips. These sauces can be warmed up quickly in the microwave too. It's also possible to incorporate cheese sauce into many different recipes to add creamy, zesty flavor. You'll appreciate the low prices that you'll find on these delicious sauces.

Whether it's used for dipping or for marinating, barbecue sauce is a must-have ingredient in any home. Sears' selection of barbecue sauces covers the entire flavor spectrum from mild to extremely hot and spicy. You'll find all of your favorite brands like Cattlemen's, and you can rest assured that you'll get the most competitive prices too.

It's easy to add a little zing to a meal when you have high-quality salsa on hand. By keeping a jar of salsa in the house, you'll always have something healthy and delicious to enjoy with tortilla chips. You can stock up on salsas from brands like Frontera at Sears to give guests several different options when dining at your home. You'll have fun exploring the many enticing flavors that are available, from traditional tomato salsa to zesty mango salsa.

If you want to be able to concoct a wide range of marinades, you need to keep soy sauce on hand. Sears' soy sauce selection is extensive. It includes basic soy sauces, low-sodium soy sauces and soy sauces with hints of ginger and other flavors. Options from popular brands like Kikkoman are available. Soy sauce can be used to create an endless array of delectable marinades that are sure to enhance the meals that you prepare.

Giving the meals that you prepare a little extra kick is easy with marinades and sauces from Sears. Stock up on these essentials without breaking the bank by shopping Sears today.