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Gourmet Foods Explore your Adventurous Palate

If you consider yourself to be a genuine foodie, your mouth will water just thinking about the amazing gourmet delicacies available in the grocery department at Sears. With selections that are truly hard to find anywhere else and affordable prices to fit any budget, Sears is destined to become your go-to destination for gourmet grocery products.

In the specialty and imported cheese area of the gourmet grocery department at Sears, you'll definitely be able to get your dairy fix. Instead of putting up with those boring selections offered at the typical big-box grocery store, feast on authentic Maytag blue cheese or savor the sophistication of Coombe Castle English Cheddar with Carmelized Onions. Whether you're buying a single pound or an entire wheel of cheesy goodness, Sears is the place to find the best selections of this gourmet product.

Don't use just any old olive oil or vinegar in your culinary creations. Instead, indulge in the highest-quality items from the specialty oils and vinegars aisle of the gourmet grocery section at Sears. Whether you're whipping up your signature salad dressing or creating an exceptional dipping oil for your homemade bread, these gourmet ingredients make each recipe a little more delicious. For a new twist on an old favorite, try Olivado Infused Avocado Oil or Bella Famiglia Balsamic Vinegar. In addition to liquid products, this section also offers a number of decorative decanters designed especially for premium olive oils.

If you know someone who is a true BBQ master, surprise them with a gift basket filled with gourmet products from the specialty marinades and sauces section of the gourmet grocery department. Sears has combed the world for the very best additions to anyone's grilling routine and combined the most popular flavors in a variety of selections to fit any taste. Try the Gourmet Jim Beam BBQ and Sauce Collection by Sherwood Brands or the Fischer and Weiser Papaya Lime Serrano Sauce to put a little spice in your favorite recipes. For the BBQ-challenged, why not pick up a breakfast basket complete with authentic maple syrup and enough pancake mix to make stack up stack of fluffy flapjacks?

Spice things up with a little Mustapha's Moroccan Cinnamon or Dave's Gourmet Hurtin' Habanero-Honey Mustard when you stroll through the specialty condiment and seasoning selections in the gourmet grocery department at Sears. You'll be amazed at the spices and other items that you've never even heard of before. A journey through this gourmet store will definitely broaden your horizons!

The selection of products offered in the gourmet grocery department at Sears is virtually endless. In addition to these find products, you can pick up snacks and candy that you just can't find at the corner store as well as a wide-selection of Fair Trade-certified foods. Before you know it, the Sears grocery section will be your favorite place to shop. Why not stop by today to see what gets your juices flowing?