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Enjoy Fresh Breath with Gum and Mints from Sears

If it's bad breath you want to tame, then flavorful gum and mints are the solution. At Sears, you can find hundreds of popular mints and gum, all of which freshen your breath and leave your mouth feeling clean.

Wrigley's gum is available in a variety of flavors from cinnamon to spearmint. Big Red, DoubleMint and Juicy Fruit are just some of the options you have, and the new 5 gum comes in explosive flavors such as Vortex green apple, React 2 spearmint and Fresh watermelon. In fact, some flavors of 5 are sugar-free, so you can enjoy chewing gum while watching your sugar intake.

Altoids mints come in licorice, peppermint and spearmint flavors. In addition, Simply Mint is a new sugar-free flavor that you can enjoy. Altoids come in small, rectangular canisters with a convenient flip-top. You can access the mints easily, and the canister fits effortlessly in your pocket.

The common misconception of sugar-free gum is that it has a dull or strange, sweet taste. However, many gum varieties such as Trident Splash, Dentyne Ice and Orbit Cinnamint have the same great taste as traditional gum. With sugar-free gum, you can still enjoy spearmint and peppermint while reducing the amount of sugar you have, which is a good step in preventing cavities.

Gum and mints help in all types of situations from close encounters to having something sweet after a meal. Remedy bad breath easily with a few mints, or enjoy a stick of gum any time of day. From traditional peppermint to lime flavors, you can find something new to entice your taste buds. Shop Sears for affordable gum and mints, and always keep a pack on-hand.