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Get Results from Reliable Detergents and Garment Care Products

Our selection of detergents includes some of the most popular name brands available, including Tide, Gain, Purex and other excellent choices. These are hard-working detergents that strive to give you the best results for garment care and cleaning. Other appliances we carry that can help you maintain, create or care for your clothing include brand name sewing machines, clothing steamers or irons, worktables, washers and dryers. We also have replacement parts and accessory items like sewing kits and dress forms. If you need a new sewing machine foot attachment for making quilts, an outdoor rotating clothesline, indoor drying racks or storage containers, Sears is the place to look first. You will find hundreds of helpful garment care products at Sears, all ready to go to your home or business with fast delivery or pick up service. We also have many heavy duty products that are suitable for business use.

Many commercial businesses come to Sears to place large quantity orders and find heavy duty appliances. Our coin operated dryers will give years of service in heavy traffic areas like dormitories, apartment buildings or commercial laundries. Our reliable Kenmore brand coin-operated dryers feature reversible doors that allow placement in any room, despite space limitations or tight corners. These units can be ordered to use with either electric or natural gas hookups. They have a loading capacity of 5.9 cubic feet with multiple heating temperature choices and dryer cycles, including delicate. Coin-operated dryers are designed to handle heavy duty and continuous use. Our Kenmore dryers and washers are energy efficient, which helps cut operating costs, always a benefit to any business. Set up your laundry room for serious business with coin-operated dryers from Sears.

Continue to have the best looking clothes around when you use stain removers to get out large or small areas that might be ruined by grass or food stains, spills or grease spots. Nothing can wreck your day faster than pulling out your favorite garment only to discover it has a big old stain. There?s no need to toss away valuable clothing just because you think a stain is permanent. Before you act in haste, get one of our famous brands of stain removers and give it a chance to do its job. We have spray-on stain removers, stain and spot removing pens and products to use in your washer or dryer. These are cost-efficient and affordable name brand products from reliable makers like Clorox, OxiClean, Tide and 3M. Many are chlorine and bleach-free, but bleach is still best for durable white fabrics. Color-safe stain removers help protect your fanciest clothing from color loss. Order several types so you have the product you need for each kind of fabric or stain. Sears can deliver stain removers and other laundry products directly to you if you prefer that to stopping by our nearby store.