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Finding High Efficiency Detergents is Easy at Sears

Whether you only buy clothes for yourself, or you purchase them for kids who seem to be growing every day, you want them to last as long as possible. Using the right detergents and garment care tools helps to keep your clothes clean and in great condition wear after wear. Good-quality irons from trusted brands like Kenmore, Hamilton Beach and Black & Decker allow you to get professional results at home without paying professional prices. Steam irons and garment steamers get rid of pesky wrinkles without using harsh chemicals; simply use the power of water. We also carry sewing machines and accessories for time-saving and inexpensive fixes. Instead of taking simple repair tasks to a tailor, now you can hem your own clothes or sew on missing buttons. Other tools we offer to keep your wardrobe in tiptop shape include fabric shavers, garment racks and ironing boards.

Sears is a trusted source for home appliances such as washers, dryers and more due to the quality and variety we carry. You know you're buying a brand name you can depend on. Kenmore, LG and Maytag are just a few of the brands that offer a range of sizes, price levels and features perfect for every lifestyle and budget. If modern design and the latest technology appeal to you, you'll love the sleek look of front loaders and features like precision dispensing. Apartment dwellers no longer have to lug baskets to a community laundry room with small washers that can fit into virtually any space. Traditional white washers work in any environment, but if you prefer a punch of color or a more sophisticated palette, metallic silver or red may be more your speed. Every type of washer from front to top loader, high capacity, portable and high efficiency are just waiting to take care of your laundry needs.

A good iron is a must-have for keeping your clothes looking sharp, but pair it with the right laundry starch and you'll be dressed to impress every day. Starches are an inexpensive laundry tool that do a great deal. Whether you're a business professional who needs a well-pressed shirt or a busy mom ironing school uniforms, you want quality results. Depend on us to provide a range of starch brands that deliver. Bulk packages are perfect if you have a lot of clothes to iron each week while travel-size cans are just what the globe-trotting professional needs. From heavy-duty to lightweight, get the ideal finish for the look you want.

Whether it's a brand new outfit or one that you turn to again and again, keep it looking like new with our help. With so many ways to care for your clothes, you can save time and money by using the appliances and laundry accessories we offer. Shop Sears today and find everything you need to keep your wardrobe in fantastic condition.