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Mary Ellen Products Mary Ellen's Best Press 33.8 oz. Lavender Fields


Mary Ellen Products Mary Ellen's Best Press 33.8 oz. Lavender Fields
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Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch, Tea Rose Garden

$64.55 10% in Savings

Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch, Tea Rose Garden
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Mary Ellen Products Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative 16.9 Ounces-Tea Rose Garden

$14.41 4% in Savings

Mary Ellen Products Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative 16.9 Ounces-Tea...
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Find irons and laundry starch for your garments

The wide selection of ironing equipment available can make deciding on one difficult. Luckily, finding the right ironing solution for your needs does not have to be daunting. With our exclusive sewing and garment section, Sears makes it easy for you to find your ironing equipment for fabrics ranging from light silks to heavy upholstery. Simply select the general type of ironing tool you desire, and you will be greeted with a selection of pressing equipment, detailing optimal use and function.

The main consideration is the type of fabrics you will have to iron. Trying to iron a delicate fabric with an iron designed to handle dense draperies can ruin your clothes, waste energy and incur undue costs. With advances in technology, irons have made considerable strides. Many selections include lightweight, high-tech and multipurpose designs. Irons at Sears include basic models like the Kenmore Iron with LCD Temperature Control and the Reliable Digital Velocity that features digital temperature control and a pre-heated slot to produce large amounts of steam. These self-contained irons remove wrinkles from clothes when you press the bottom hot plate on the fabric. Many of these irons have ecological features like anti-burn control or energy saving control that automatically shut off an iron left unattended for too long. This averts fires and enforces energy control. These ironing solutions make your home or business safer and utility cost-efficient.

Clothing steamers like the Jiffy Steamer J-2000 run by applying steam through a hand-held wand. Unlike irons, which often provide a quick and sporadic burst of steam, steamers offer sturdier and more effective steam streams to keep your clothes looking their best. Energy efficiency is a major benefit to using fabric steamers. Their deep-penetrating smoothing technology not only takes care of the deepest wrinkles but also uses minimal water to get the job done, thereby helping to reduce your water bill. They are also cost-effective, easy to maintain and maneuver and excellent for travel. A handheld steamer may be best for your home. Tabletop steamers are perfect for your commercial and large project needs. Upright steamers are pricier than basic steamers, but they are the best solution for heavy-duty fabrics.

Ironing accessories, such as pressing boards, are useful for your ironing projects. Ironing boards like the Household Essentials Stow Away In-Wall Ironing Board are excellent space savers, and they enable repositioning for easy concealment when not in use. They also have ample storage to avoid clutter while offering a defined place to iron, minimizing the chances of ruining your clothes on another surface. If you have a laundry room, selections like the Iron-A-Way Deluxe Swivel Ironing Center are both stylish and elegant. Use of laundry starch like the Earth Friendly Products Natural Spray Starch can also get your garments to their most divine state while eliminating chemical solvents that can leave residue on clothes. These natural spray formulas rejuvenate your fabrics to make them look fresh, crisp and wrinkle-free. They also help keep your costs down by keeping garments cleaner longer. Working together, these ironing accessories can help you live a more efficient lifestyle.

Whether you want a basic iron or a high-powered clothing streamer, Sears has a complete selection of designs to fit your pressing needs for home or business. Shop Sears and get smoothing today.