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Save Time, Energy and Space with Laundry Care Centers

The average family runs a few loads of laundry every week, so having a well-organized laundry care center is very helpful. Laundry centers can be as simple as having your washer, dryer, ironing board and detergents near each other. However, a better idea is to use one of our laundry centers in your laundry room. These are single unit appliances that feature a dryer right above the washing machine. They fit into even the smallest space and are ideal for small homes and apartments. Two stacked units are designed so that you can use the flat area on top of the washer as a folding table. Some are just 24-inches in width, but we also have extra-large capacity 27-inch wide models that can handle a large load. Cost-efficient laundry centers use less water and energy. Powerful spin cycles remove more water from clothing, so dryer times are shortened. Auto-dry and self-cleaning lint traps are offered in some models. These hard working machines have extra sound protection as the manufacturers understand that small laundry centers are placed in small living spaces. Our laundry centers from Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Whirlpool and Maytag are top quality and dependable, and sale prices at Sears are always attractive.

Our matching washer and dryer sets are just the right answer when you want to combine style, fun and affordability in one bundle. We have many sets ready to be delivered, including name brand makers like Maytag, Whirlpool and Kenmore. These durable and reliable machines are available in top or front load models. You can take the chore aspect out of doing laundry and enjoy the best performance with these top quality appliances from Sears. Front loaders are better for large items like jeans or comforters, and they use less energy. Top loaders are best for smaller loads, and they are easier to use if you have to stop them to add in a forgotten piece of laundry. We have affordable matching gas or electric washers and dryers. Each has advantages, and sometimes it is just a matter of personal preference that determines which one you want to order. Gas is generally a less expensive utility than electric, but electric appliances are simpler to install into a 220-volt wall outlet. Choose your favorite and have it delivered by Sears to your home or business location.

When you shop for washers at Sears, you know you will find a variety of reliable brands, sizes and feature options. You certainly can find the one that fits your needs perfectly. Choose from top loading or front load washers and pair it with a matching dryer. There are many energy saving features available; some models qualify for ENERGY STAR tax savings. You know you have reliability when you select any of our famous name brand appliances from Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool and more. Order large capacity commercial style or coin-operated machines for a business or heavy duty use laundry room. Smaller, cost-efficient models are nice for home use, as they operate with less water and energy. Save on trips elsewhere when you set up your own laundry room, starting with a new washer from Sears.