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Keep Facial Tissues Close at Hand and Stock up at Sears

You never know when your allergies are about to hit, so it's important to be prepared wherever you are. Look to Sears to keep you stocked on facial tissues whether you're at home or out with friends. Keep a tissue box in your car or at your desk at the office, but also keep a tissue pack in your pocket for when you're on the go. If you're a business owner, it's best to stock up on all types of paper supplies in your store or franchise. Toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissues are essential to have for both employee and customer use. Find tissues from Puffs, Kleenex, Georgia-Pacific and other brands that are soft enough on even the most sensitive of noses.

Stock your bathroom appropriately with facial tissues in many different shapes and sizes. Find a wide variety of facial tissues as well as all of the brands that you trust at Sears. Find beautiful decorated Kleenex tissue boxes in a wide array of colors and styles. Boxes have floral designs, bright colors and even characters, including Disney and Garfield, to go with any bathroom decor. Hosting a themed birthday party? Use these kids-themed tissue boxes to match your kids' party decorations. You can save money if you buy generic boxes to use throughout your home or business.

Buy small travel size packs to take with you wherever you go, full size tissue boxes for bathrooms at home and larger boxes to stock tissue dispensers within public bathrooms at the workplace. Find tissues that are one-ply or two-ply as well as ones with aloe to help with allergies and dry skin. Toilet paper should be a last resort on your delicate nose, so make sure you stock up both tissues and toilet paper so you're prepared for all of life's necessities.

Don't be caught without facial tissue in your home or at the workplace. Have facial tissues available for allergies, colds and everyday use and stop using rough toilet paper or paper towels. Buy in bulk and be prepared for all allergy-season long, regardless of which season your allergies are most active. Don?t blow and wipe your nose with rough papers until your face is red and raw. Shop Sears to find the softest facial tissues to take care of any allergy or cold today.