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Let the Enjoyment Begin with Party Supplies from Sears

Celebrate in style with Sears' outstanding array of party supplies. Our selection includes everything you need for a memorable celebration. Transform any space with our colorful and festive party decorations, setting the perfect ambiance. Add a playful touch with an assortment of vibrant balloons that will delight guests of all ages. Find the ideal party tableware to complement your theme and create a stunning tablescape. Express your heartfelt sentiments with our wide range of greeting cards, ensuring your wishes are conveyed with warmth. To kick off the festivities, explore our captivating invitations that will entice your guests to join the fun. Check out Sears' collection now and make your party one for the books.

Party Theme:

Choose supplies that align with the party theme or occasion. Consistency in decorations, tableware and invitations will enhance the overall ambiance.

For example, for a tropical luau, go for Hawaiian decorations, tiki-inspired tableware and invitations with vibrant sunset colors. The right supplies will create a memorable and immersive experience for your guests.

Consider The Flower Bungalow Handmade Hanging Wall Basket Decor - (Set Of 3) - Round Woven Basket Wall Decor - Natural Boho Home Decor - Decorative Seagrass from Sears to complete your rustic and bohemian-themed party.


Estimate the number of guests for the party and ensure you have extra supplies, especially tableware, to accommodate unexpected attendees. Having spare decorations and party favors on hand will ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

Make sure you have enough Genuine Joe GJO10424CT 12 Oz Plastic Bowls - White, 125 Count. This party tableware from Sears ensures a smooth event for all attendees.


Add a personal touch to your party by customizing invitations and decorations to reflect the theme of the occasion. Personalized items, such as custom invitations with individual names, monogrammed party favors or customized banners, can make each guest feel special and create a truly memorable and unique experience. Incorporating personal touches will show your guests that you put thought and effort into making the event special for them, enhancing the overall ambiance and leaving a lasting impression.

For your country floral-themed party, add a personal touch by using the OMG Country Floral Invitations, 8 Count from Sears and customizing them with individual names.


When selecting party supplies, prioritize ease and convenience. Choose decorations that are simple to assemble and set up, saving you time and effort during the party preparation.

For balloons, opt for pre-inflated helium balloons or self-sealing balloons that save time and effort during setup. After the party, consider using balloon drop nets for easy cleanup, making the end of the celebration hassle-free and quick.

Opt for the SolarOak 15pcs Reusable Water Balloons For Kids,Magnetic Quick Fill Self Sealing Water Balls Outdoor Pool Toys/Games/Summer Water Ball from Sears with self-sealing property for easy filling and tying.