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Fresh fruit is a great way to support your health while indulging your taste buds. Whether for a snack, as a side dish or to complement a meal, Sears offers fresh fruit from trusted brands like Bare Fruit, and La Bella Romana, all at affordable prices. fresh fruit baskets are a great gift to give to friends, family and coworkers, or you can simply enjoy all of their delicious fruit products yourself. Offered through Sears, fresh fruit baskets come in a variety of styles and include tasty fruits like apples, oranges and pears. Some fruit baskets include extra treats like nuts, jams, cheeses and chocolate for extra enjoyment.

When you want a portable fruit snack, Sears offers Bare Fruit fruit chips. Bare Fruit fresh fruit is baked and dried to create a healthy alternative to fried potato chips, which can sometimes be greasy and fatty. Bare Fruit fruit chips are fat-free and organic, allowing you to enjoy the fresh, crisp taste of nature while supporting your healthy lifestyle. Available in a variety of flavors and packaged in easy-to-carry bags, Bare Fruit fruit chips are great for snacking on-the-go or for keeping around your home or office.

La Bella Romana fresh fruit baskets are made from fruit that's been selected from fresh markets to deliver uncompromising quality and taste. La Bella Romana fruit baskets include fruits like pineapples, tangerines and grapes, allowing you to indulge your sweet tooth while receiving the nutrition your body craves. Most La Bella Romana fruit baskets come with a high quality woven basket for convenient transportation and La Bella Romana even offers baskets that contain pasta, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil and more for when you want extras to compliment your fruit.

Give your body the nutrition it deserves by shopping Sears' large selection of fresh fruit. Sears has a variety of nutritious and delicious fruits at prices that are affordable on virtually any budget.